Book 3 of On Higher Ground series: Jacob’s Ladder (coming Fall 2017)

New Orleans.  1980.  Three years have passed since the death of her husband and her kidnapping by the cartel.

Madeline Mahany Lawson is a feature writer for La Louisianne, a high-end glossy that covers politics, fashion and the arts.  She travels extensively, often in conflict with family gatherings in Port Aransas.  Her work as her excuse, the truth is more complicated.  She would rather confront left-wing paramilitary organizations than the personal loneliness her family’s joy accentuates.

Arbitrarily assigned to cover Spring Fashion Week in Milan, Maddi decides to embrace the unfettered opportunity to be someone else.  When an elegant stranger receives her room key by mistake, she soon discovers her interloper is heir-apparent to  Chateau da Messina, a 300-year old Sicilian vineyard.

A fateful decision to depart Milan early triggers an investigation by airport security.  Maddi enlists the aid of Antonello da Messina, setting off a cascade of events that will alter their lives forever.

From an ancient vineyard in Sicily to the hills of Tuscany, to the bedside of a wheel chair bound Vietnam vet, to the Dalmatian coast and Balkan War- she will face life in all its fierce beauty.  Terror more brutal and unforgiving than ever imagined.

And rediscover the love that will not be forgotten.