Book 2 of On Higher Ground Series: Darkness Falls

The ominous continuation of the On Higher Ground series.

The powerful seduction of sex, drugs and easy money collide with love, honor and loyalty.  Setting into play a series of events that will usher in death and destruction.

It’s 1975.  Mikey and Cari have just signed an exclusive with Excelsior Motors.  Thanks to their third partner, the Colombian Drug Cartel, they are entering an era of wealth, power, and unlimited drugs to enhance their hedonistic lifestyle.  The power couple have arrived and they plan on spreading the wealth.

Andy’s love for Maddi cannot overcome the horror of Madremonte as he pulls away even further.  He begins a flirtation with a female co-worker.  Sandy is beautiful, headstrong, a force to be reckoned with.  When Andy becomes a willing playmate, she wants more.  And Sandy always gets what she wants.

Norman’s liaison with NBS now covers the great state of Texas and New Orleans is within his sights.  A chance meeting with Madeline Mahany during the signing of contracts reunites the two and the sparks of attraction that began at University of Texas begin to glow bright.

Rod, Maddi’s stalker, is profitably employed as chief pilot for an aviation facility outside of Key West- a front for the cartel.  With Maddi never far from his thoughts, he has found the perfect place for their love nest: an abandoned hotel in Bahia Honda.  A hotel he now owns to do as he pleases.

The shadows grow long. Darkness is coming.